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For business owners, property managers, and real estate developers, our commercial design team focuses on master planning and architectural design services in Houston, TX. In order to manage and develop the image and identity of prominent corporate brands, our architectural design team collaborates with them. Cohesive brand strategies are developed at scale across the country using our personalized and client-centered methodology.

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Pre Design

The pre-design phase, which also includes Project Definition, Site Analysis, Program Development, Budget, and Schedule, is an important part of the overall design process. In general, the pre-design process is crucial for making sure that the design work is based on a thorough grasp of the project requirements and context and that the design approach is informed, doable, and in line with the client's objectives and budget.


Schematic Design

The phase of design known as schematic design is crucial, and it involves the creation of preliminary sketches and diagrams by the designer in order to explore and define the project's general concept and direction. It usually entails drawing up fundamental floor plans, elevations, and sections that depict the building or space's fundamental design and scale.


Construction Documents

A set of precise drawings, specifications, and other written instructions known as construction documents provides a thorough and comprehensive plan for the construction of a building or structure. Construction documents are crucial for guaranteeing the effective and efficient operation of the construction process.



It takes good collaboration between the designer, the owner, and the government agency to obtain design permissions, which can be a difficult and time-consuming process. To guarantee that the construction documents adhere to them and that the project runs without a hitch, it is crucial to have a thorough awareness of the local building rules and regulations.

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